Poker books

Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em

Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em

The book Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em by the authors Ed Miller, Sunny Mehta and Matt Flynn can be called bestseller in the area of textbooks in poker as it is written by the professionals

Sit'n Go Strategy by Collin Moshman

Sit'n Go Strategy by Collin Moshman

Sit'n Go Strategy: expert advice for beating one-table poker tournaments consists of four parts, three of which describe different stages of the tournaments: the early blind stages, the middle blind stages, the late blind stages

Psychology of Poker

Psychology of Poker

Psychology of Poker by Alan Schoonmaker will help you realize the external side of the game: why do people make this or that decisions, why do some people play aggressively and the others are passive and so on

Poker Math Made Easy No Limit Hold’em Secrets

Poker Math Made Easy No Limit Hold’em Secrets

Responsible study of the book “Poker Math Made Easy” sufficiently enriches your theoretical basis and the game in whole because you will make more correct decisions while playing at the tables

Phil Gordon's Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Hold'em

Phil Gordon's Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Hold'em

Little Green Book by Phil Gordon isn’t that little as it title says. There are 177 paged in the book, and in them the writer reveals the startegy of No Limit Texas Hold’em

The Theory of Poker

The Theory of Poker

One of the most popular books written by David Sklansky is “The Theory of Poker”. Some people call it “Encyclopedia” or “Bible” of poker

Doyle Brunson's Super System: A Course in Poker Power

Doyle Brunson's Super System: A Course in Poker Power

Super System is the first book written by the poker living legend Doyle Brunson. Doyle Brunson's Super System is often called The Bible of poker - it includes info about 7-card Stud, Lowball, Limit Hold'em, No-limit Texas Hold’em and 7-card Stud Hi-Low

Bobbo’s Bible of No Limit Hold'em

Bobbo’s Bible of No Limit Hold'em

Bobbo’s Bible almost entirely consists of private lesson of Robert Eckstut and provides simple poker math calculations to count outs and pot odds. It also includes different verification tasks and tests

Let There Be Range!

Let There Be Range!

The book “Let There Be Range” was written in 2008 so it can be considered a modern one and was written by great poker players Tri Nguyen and Cole South

Treat your poker like a business

Treat your poker like a business

The book Treat your poker like a business by Dusty Leatherass9 Schmidt is dedicated the book to the low-stakes players who don’t let the grass grow under feet but trying to change their lives

Internet Texas Hold'em: Winning Strategies from an Internet Pro

Internet Texas Hold'em: Winning Strategies from an Internet Pro

Matthew Hilger’s “Internet Texas Hold'em: Winning Strategies from an Internet Pro” will help to build a good theoretical base for the beginners in poker, but it lost its relevance to the advanced players as there is no action in Limit Hold’em now

Small Stakes Hold‘em: Winning Big With Expert Play

Small Stakes Hold‘em: Winning Big With Expert Play

The book by the authors Ed Miller, David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth titled Small Stakes Hold‘em: Winning Big With Expert Play is perfect for those who have already read several books about Hold’em and is familiar with the rules of poker

Poker books and books about poker

This section of our web site contains only the best electronic books about poker in English. Here you'll find titles and descriptions of the majority of books which one way or another have connection to this card game. These books will help you to learn how to play poker. It's quite difficult to gather and describe all the poker books in one place and it's unlikely, that the effort is worth the cost. That’s exactly why all the books, which can be found in this section, can be rightly considered the best books about the game of poker. Without any doubt you can choose any of the books from the list, written by professional poker players, and start sipping additional knowledge and useful information about the most popular card game n the world - poker.

For those, who still don’t know: poker books are a great way to learn not only the rules of poker (however, they mainly scratch the surface of the subject, therefore you’d better choose specialized themed articles to learn them thoroughly), but help you become a good player. If you start reading poker books in English, you’ll be able to master your skills in your favorite poker type, move up the stakes ladder and earn money getting pleasure from the game.

Best poker books for online play

Currently poker books (especially books about online poker) aren’t published that often, because professional skills and strategies are progressed in a very fast tempo; and with books it’s extremely hard to keep up with the latest trends for a long time. Sometimes it may happen so that all the information in certain books gets out-of-date even before it’s published. This is quite true about older books (however, to a lesser extent), as most of them are dedicated to such poker variations as Lowball, 7-Card Stud and etc. - that are not too popular with fans to play poker online. Due to the lack of information on such "exotic" varieties of poker, even old books and articles may then come in handy.

However, you need to understand, that poker books won’t make you learn basics of poker from scratch, that’s why you’ll nevertheless need to find additional material in order to learn poker hands rankings and try poker play money. After making a solid base for a start of your training, you can read poker books for free and get maximum EV from them.

If you are inclined to think that there’s one single ultimate poker book, which can turn you into a super-player after you read it - you’re very much wrong. There’s no such thing as “the main poker book” ("Ledger of poker") in the world. In all fairness it should be said that there’s a so-called “poker Bible” - a Super System book by the world poker legend - Doyle Brunson.

If you make some effort and find out the top poker books and authors, you can find and download books on the psychology of poker over the Internet - thank God today it’s a piece of cake. Don’t be afraid to read more than you presumably may need. When you’re a poker player, everything matters (especially if you use knowledge to maximize your profit and minimize the losses). Some time will pass and you’ll get this idea into your mind. But please remember: poker training demands a lot of effort with lots of reading and practice involved.

Poker training books for beginners

In “Poker books” section you’ll find many books, which will improve your players’ skills along with poker books for beginners (they’re sometimes called poker books for dummies). Such books help beginner players to master poker basics, learn the most rudimentary strategies and techniques, as well as teach you basic bankroll management rules, which are necessary for every player.

To be honest, such books contain only the basic concepts and aspects, which are in detail highlighted in our poker articles.

Unfortunately, we cannot let you download poker books, however, if you know the name of the book and its short summary, it will be easy for you to find them online. Don’t forget, that the best way to start poker training is to read books, that’s why try using this source of information to the maximum.

Best No-Limit Texas Hold’em books

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variation, that’s why the majority of poker books are dedicated to it, unlike to the other poker types. In this section you’ll find books about Hold’em, their detailed description, authors and other useful information. Using data provided by us, you can find Texas Hold’em books in the Internet on your own.

In the “Poker books” section you’ll find those materials, which are considered to be on the top-list of poker books. Players all over the world read these books and even all the professional players, who have hit an all-time high of live and online poker, appreciate these books. Therefore, they will definitely help you to take the path of a professional poker player.

Poker psychology books

Besides books about poker strategy for many types of poker games, this section of our web site contains books about poker psychology. Psychology is one of the most important aspects in poker, because players need to understand very clearly, when opponents are bluffing or make value bets. Besides you need to learn, how to bluff yourself in order to have some advantage over you opponents.

The good thing about poker psychology books is that they stay up-to-date for quite a long period of time (and the best and the most quality of them will stay acute for the nearest 10,20 and maybe even 50 years).

One of the most famous poker psychology books is “Psychology of poker” by Alan Schoonmaker. In this book Alan describes in detail about all the nuances of poker psychology and its role in the game and also gives tips not only for beginners, but for experienced players as well, because in this game there is always room to grow.

If you start reading books about online poker, especially about poker psychology, you’ll learn how to act more intelligently at a poker table, will be more diligent and considerate. All this will also come in handy to give you much-needed advantage over inexperienced opponents.

Sometimes, poker players thinks, that there’s no need to read poker books, because they have lost their relevance. And they’re right to some extent. But only to some. Take for example, fundamental theorem of poker. It was formulated by professional poker player - David Sklansky - in his famous book about poker strategy “The Theory of Poker” in far 1978, but still has not lost its relevance. This book is quite popular even now. And there’re plenty of such examples. That’s why poker books are a must to read, the only thing to remember is to choose them wisely and interpret the information you get properly.

Books about tournament poker

Today tournament poker is considered to be one of the most popular poker disciplines and thus you have to apply extra effort to succeed in this sphere. “Poker books” section contains the best books about tournament poker, which are also sometimes called MTT-poker books. These books will help you develop your skills in this discipline, make bets wisely, keep track of your stack, play in different stages of tourneys and many things more.

You cannot download books about tournament poker from our web site, however, if you know their titles, it will be easy to find them in the Internet. If you have some spare money, you can even buy paper or e-versions of these books.

Modern poker books

Even today's top poker players issue books about how to play tournament poker. Thus, Chris Moorman (the best tournament poker player in the world, who won more than $10 000 000 in poker tourneys) wrote a book called “Moorman about poker”. The following publication uses a unique approach: Chris analyses 80 hands played with his co-author Bayron Jackobs. The most famous professional poker player in the former USSR - Andrei “Tyler” Sreltsov - also issued a book called “The winning concept in MTT-tourneys”. In this book Streltsov gives algorithms on how to play poker hands during tournaments and also pays much attention to bankroll management in tournament poker, additional software and its settings and etc. All in all, books about MTT are quite up-to-date and may come in handy for those, who like this discipline.

Books by poker players are even more useful, than poker books by some unknown authors.

Cash poker - books

Cash (poker game for cash/real money) is another popular poker discipline. The success in this poker type depends on many factors. If you want to make a success in cash poker, you’ll have to read cash poker books, which can be found in this section.

Probably, the most famous cash poker book is the book by Harrington, called “Cash Games”. Those, who are fond of poker game, will hardly find these books useful: Mr. Harrington has hardly played in many poker rooms himself and therefore cannot give acute information about the main trends. These books will be an ideal fit for dummies, which do not understand completely, what poker game is like.

However, there’re other brilliant games about cash-poker. Information about most of them can be found in our section “Poker books” and books themselves can be downloaded in the Internet, if you bother to make some effort and spend several minutes.

ZOOM poker books

Zoom poker is one of the youngest poker disciplines, invented on the base of cash-poker. It’s very hard to find any books on Zoom poker, because it’s so young. That’s why those, who appreciate this poker discipline, have nothing to do but hone the tools themselves and apply knowledge from the books and articles about cash poker.

Books on mathematics of poker

If you’ve made up your mind to take up poker training seriously and later plan to start earning money with the help of poker, your task is to learn poker strategies and rules along with mathematics of poker. Poker mathematics is an important aspect of a profitable poker game. If you aren’t familiar with such basic things as pot odds and probabilities, you’ll hardly ever progress in your poker development.

Fortunately, there’re books about poker mathematics, which won’t ever fade. You can choose any of them and start reading - it’s guaranteed that you’ll get knowledge, which will help you throughout your poker career.

Unfortunately, you cannot download any poker books about poker mathematics; however, we give all the necessary information about these publications, so that you will find them in the Internet easily. In “Poker books” section you’ll find books about poker in English. With all the necessary material, you’ll have a chance to read books about online poker or download them to your mobile devices.

Poker strategy books

Given the current popularity of poker and a large number of professional players, it’s not enough to know poker hands rankings and rules of poker in order to win money on a regular basis. Like in tourney-poker, you need to adhere to certain strategies in cash-poker, which will give edge over your opponents.

If you want to find and download books about poker strategies, our web site will help you to do the first part of the task. In our “Poker books” section you’ll find books about poker strategies, information about such books and their content. With such information you’ll easily find these books in the Internet.

At the same time, a better decision may be reading articles about poker strategies and making up your own profitable schemes.

To sum up

If you start reading poker books you won’t only add to your knowledge database, but also invent your own strategies. Who knows, maybe later in the future with all the information you get, you’ll be able to find your own poker book, which will be useful for thousands of other poker players.