Bobbo’s Bible of No Limit Hold'em

Bobbo’s Bible of No Limit Hold'em

Robert Eckstut is a professional poker player who is known under the nickname BoBBofitos. He was cooperating with poker school Leggopoker and used to be a regular poster at 2+2 forums. BoBBofitos became famous in poker community thanks to his book “Bobbo’s Bible of No Limit Holdem” which was written in 2007. This publication is in stark contrast to other poker books. There is no in-depth math, no difficult formulas and tips on how to read the hands of the opponent in the book. At the same time, it is not an ABC-poker book which describes a clear sequence of actions from certain positions at poker table with certain starting hands. Robert tried to explain the theory of the poke game in simple words to make the book easy to read and understand.

Bobbo’s Bible almost entirely consists of private lesson of Robert Eckstut and provides simple poker math calculations to count outs and pot odds. It also includes different verification tasks and tests.

Eckstut believes that each player has four types of knowledge:

  • “Player knows what he knows” - this is basic knowledge of a person.
  • “Player knows what he doesn’t know” - that helps continuous development. Player needs to plan his future education based on this.
  • “Player doesn’t know what he doesn’t know” - in this case player needs coach for assistance
  • “Player doesn’t know what he knows” - this is the case when the player has talent and other hidden abilities

Robert pays attention to all of these types of knowledge. The material is easy to remember as there are real hands examples and it is written in a very simple way.

“Bobbo’s Bible of No Limit Holdem” is a book for those who know the rules of poker, basic poker terms and strategies. If you are new to the game, this book is definitely not for you.

There is plenty of useful info in the book. Difficult strategies, principles of game and formulas are described in simple words. There are also complex strategies which you will learn to apply after studying more simple principles of the game and its fundamentals. There are control questions and test tasks to make sure you got everything right. The lessons of Bobbo are among the most expensive and effective so in time of the release the price of the book was over $1,000.

The basic sense in the book is very similar to the slogan of the author: “Poker is a game where deep theory and math knowledge aren’t necessary, however if you have it, that’s great!”

  • Author: Robert Eckstut
  • Type of poker: No-Limit Texas Hold'em
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Year of publishing: 2007
  • Number of pages: 156
  • Language: English

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