How to get satisfaction from playing poker

How to get satisfaction from playing poker

Long time ago, long before the poker boom people started to play poker because they wanted to gamble, get adrenaline and satisfaction of playing the game. The will to defeat the opponent back then was much stronger than the will to win big money. In time it all changed. Thanks to the wins of professionals in major tournaments poker started to attract players who thought they found an easy way to make money. The fields strengthened and players needed to invest more money and effort while playing at the tables and working off-tables. This could affect one’s attitude to the game and even cause disgust towards it in some cases.

From this article you will know how to get satisfaction from playing poker showing better results in it (including winrate).

Do what you like and don’t forget to have a rest

The thing is any man would be successful at certain industry only if he likes being in that environment. It you really like poker - do that and you will be successful in it. Don’t seat at the poker table hoping to hit the big win and take off.

If you are a professional player and already have a good bankroll, you, without a doubt treat the game like it is your work. And any works sooner or later starts to bother the worker. Even poker which is full of adrenaline, bursts of emotions and crazy bluffs in the end seem an everyday routine. In result, your mood gets worse, and the attitude to the game becomes worse as well - you don’t show you’re A-game anymore, can’t get the top results, tilt here and there...

How to get satisfaction from playing poker

To avoid all this, have a nice rest from poker. Not just for couple of hours or days, get a full-scale vacation. Don’t be afraid to lose all the precious knowledge and skill while being away from the computer, just forget about it at least for a week. After having a rest and getting new beginning you will be surprised to find out how much you’ve missed poker and how satisfied you are with every hand you play.

We don’t advise you to force yourself to sit at the online tables. It is a common thing when the player forces himself to play after losing a big part of his bankroll in tries to get everything back. You can only worsen the situation in most cases here. It would be much easier to get out of the table, to do the work-out or have a walk, making a break. It would be better to not turn the computer back until the next day comes.

Exercise as sport will help you to be in good shape and stay fit, fresh and focused. Most of the successful players visit gyms.

Don’t show the frustration towards the beginners

Every session of the professional poker player is full of unfair hands where 'fishes' get huge pots despite playing awfully bad. Despite all that you should never show your frustration towards them, offend them verbally and explain why they were wrong. Firstly, that way you show you’re in tilt and therefore, vulnerable. Secondly, if you need to outplay the opponent, why give away advice to him? Sooner or later any fish will start losing so be patient and try to wait for the moment. Thirdly, if you can’t get satisfaction from the game in the current moment, don’t ruin everyone else’s mood.

Instead of the conclusion

It is pointless to deny the fact that is harder to get satisfaction of poker game nowadays. Most of he players try to open as many tables as possible to play more hands and get better stats. All this doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy playing though. Try to treat the game is some other way. Develop a regime for yourself, have a rest, do something besides poker. The less you play the more the will to sit back to the table and start playing.

Everything needs balance, so the less you play the more you behind the level of play of other players. So don’t forget to work at your game to improve it.

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