Poker Math Made Easy No Limit Hold’em Secrets

Poker Math Made Easy No Limit Hold’em Secrets

Poker mathematics is not quantum physics. You may learn basic poker math and your school knowledge is just enough to do that. By using simple math calculations, you will be able to count outs, pot odds and probabilities in poker after you read “Poker Math Made Easy” by Roy Rounder.

Good poker strategies are based on math calculations. Sooner or later all the professional poker players realize that and begin studying different tables, graphs and formulas.

The vast majority of books about the mathematics (including poker math books) aren’t easy to read, but “Poker Math Made Easy” by Roy Rounder is an exception to the rule. There are only 36 pages in the book, but there is no excess information, written in words of one syllable where the author explains the essence of basic math calculations in poker, and you will be able to understand them, if you are familiar with the multiplication table, and know how to add and subtract.

Responsible study of the book “Poker Math Made Easy” sufficiently enriches your theoretical basis and the game in whole because you will make more correct decisions while playing at the tables.

It is important to study the materials in the book in the right order as each of the following sections is a continuation of a previous one. At the beginning of the book the author tells about how to count the outs (cards which will help to get winning combination). In fact, this is one of the basic moments of the entire mathematics of poker.

Then Roy Rounder tells about pot odds and provides the readers with tables with probabilities and chances of getting a better hand on the turn on or the river card depending on the number of outs in hour hand. These tables went all over the Internet right after the book was released. Every poker player must learn them as those tables give a definite answer to the question whether is it profitable to call the bet of the opponent or not.

Also from Roy Rounder’s “Poker Math Made Easy” you will learn about the unique and extremely method of calculating the probabilities of improving your hand.

In general, “Poker Math Made Easy” by Roy Rounder is a perfect fit for poker beginners who are willing to know all about poker math and learn to play poker well. This is one of the books every poker player absolutely must read.

If you are aiming to play poker at a serious level and study the math of the game seriously. Even the luckiest people in the world aren’t able to have good results in the long run without correct approach to the game and mathematical calculations of the decisions. We advise you to take seriously the study of the book "Easy poker math" by Roy Rounder to prepare a good theoretical base.

  • Author: Roy Rounder
  • Type of poker: No-Limit Texas Hold'em (cash games and tournaments)
  • Level: Beginner
  • Year of publishing: 2009
  • Number of pages: 36
  • Language: English

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