The Psychology of Poker

If you want to not only play poker, but also win some cash, you need to study our high-quality training articles on online poker strategy. In this section of the site you will find articles on basic and advanced poker strategy (mainly for no limit Texas hold'em), the strategies of tournament poker, as well as articles on the psychology of poker and poker math from well-known professional players.

Poker Psychology

What comes to your mind first when you’re asked about poker psychology? How to outplay your opponent? How to get in his head and unravel his thoughts, tells, and emotions? 'What they think what I think about their hand'? How to overcome tilt? How to get out of downstreak and such? Not exactly. In fact, poker psychology is a much more complex component of this exciting game.

In the vast majority of poker articles you’ll find information only about how you should correctly play with one or another poker hand to outplay your opponents, but there are very few article about how to outplay yourself. And the reason is quite simple: poker strategy articles are based on a basic strategies, that’s why they are universal. But from a psychological point of view all humans are different, that’s why not everyone is capable of writing articles about poker psychology.

Quite often you can see players complaining about their results on forums, but at the same time only a few of them are trying to get serious about studying poker and improve their results. They reason their bad results with bad luck or stupid opponents who were making wrong (according to them) decision during the hands…

That’s why we have created a 'Poker Psychology' section where we tried to collect poker psychology tips and articles about the theme. By reading this materials you will begin to treat your ego more efficiently and reconsider your overall attitude to poker.