PokerStars marketing code and bonus code

PokerStars marketing code and bonus code

PokerStars is reasonably considered to be the best place to play online poker, since you will be able to find action in the lobby 24 hours, 7 days a week.

But in order for you to be able to use all the bonuses (deposit bonus, $33 free from PokerStars poker school, $20 free for your deposit, as well as the tickets to $100 000 guaranteed tournaments), you will have to enter two codes correctly:

  • PokerStars marketing code (marketing code pokerstars). Sometimes it’s called PokerStars promotional code.
  • PokerStars bonus code.

PokerStars codes: promotional (marketing) code

You will need your promotional code when registering at PokerStars. The player’s affiliation to one or the other code gives him an opportunity to participate in freerolls, as well enjoy all other promotions and bonuses from the largest poker room online.

To be able to participate in our PokerStars freerolls, as well as enjoy all the promotions from the largest poker room online, you have to enter the correct PokerStars marketing code during the registration. We advise you to enter our PokerStars promotional (marketing) code.

PokerStars marketing code: or psp19423

Brief information about PokerStars marketing code:

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How to enter PokerStars marketing code

PokerStars marketing code is entered when creating a new account in the poker room. You can use our step-by-step guide to register an account. During the registration you will be asked to enter the code. To do this, choose 'Marketing code (if available)' from the 'Choose source' drop-down menu and enter the code in the field appeared.

PokerStars promotional code: or psp19423

Marketing (promotional code) code on PokerStars

PokerStars codes: Bonus code

This bonus code was specifically designed to help beginners to build their bankroll. It is entered during making your first deposit and gives you an opportunity to receive bonus on your first three deposits not exceeding $600 in total. bonus code: Stars600

PokerStars bonus code brief information:

What differences there are between PokerStars promotional/marketing code and PokerStars bonus code?

Many beginners find this two concepts confusing, but it is actually very simple:

  • Promotional code is used during the registration on PokerStars website.
  • Bonus code is used during your first deposit.

You should also know, that both codes are entered only once and you will not be able to cancel or change them in future. So if you want to enjoy your games on PokerStars at full, use the following codes:

  • PokerStars marketing code (entered during registration): or psp19423
  • bonus code (entered during deposit): Stars600

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