PokerStars 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus

PokerStars 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus

Complete the registration at PokerStars, make your first deposit using the 'STARS600' bonus code, and you will receive a unique first deposit bonus of 100% up to $600. You can make up to three deposits within 90 days (to the maximum of $600) and they will all have the first deposit bonus applied.

PokerStars poker-room is offering you a great opportunity to get the maximum possible bonus. The bonus is paid in equal installments of $10, £10, €10, and to receive one bonus dollar you will have to earn 20 VPP points (for example, you will be given $10 for each 200 VPP points earned). For other currencies see the table below. You will have six months from the time of each deposit to completely clear the first deposit bonus on PokerStars.

Other currencies. The table below provides information on bonuses in other currencies.

Currency Maximum bonus Conditions
USD ($) $600 20 VPP points for 1 USA dollar
EUR (€) €465 25 VPP points for 1 euro
GBP (£) £390 30 VPP points for 1 pound
CAD ($) CAD $625 20 VPP points for 1 Canadian dollar

* The tables is correct at the moment of writing, but can be changed in the future. Accurate information can always be found in a PokerStars Cashier.

Frequently asked questions about first deposit bonus at PokerStars

Q: How to receive a first deposit bonus?

To receive PokerStars first deposit bonus of 100% up to $600, you have to register an account at PokerStars, create a real-money games account and make a first deposit, using the 'STARS600' bonus code. The maximum bonus amount is $600. You will be able to make 4 deposits in total, the amount of which does not exceed the maximum amount of deposit. But remember, that if you want to receive the maximum amount of bonus, you have to enter the 'STARS600' bonus code.

Example. You have made a deposit of $200 and became eligible for a bonus in amount of $200. A week later you have made another deposit of $200, increasing the bonus amount up to $400. A month later you have deposited $100 to your account, increasing the bonus amount up to $500.

After you will earn the VPP points amount required to receive all the bonus for your first deposit, all the subsequent VPP points will be used to clear the second bonus.

If during the period of the bonus you will cash-out money from your PokerStars account before you will make another deposit, then you will lose the right to receive a first deposit bonus. For example, if you will win some money in PokerStars freerolls and decide to withdraw them.

You will have 120 days to earn the necessary amount of VPP points. To learn about the duration of the bonus, open the Cashier in PokerStars client and click the 'My Bonus Status'.

Q: How to learn the details about my first deposit bonus?

After receiving a first deposit bonus you will be able to learn more about it in your PokerStars Cashier. There you can learn about VPP points needed to clear the bonus. To get to this information click the 'Cashier' button and in the opened Cashier window click the 'My Bonus Status'.

Q: How to clear the first deposit bonus at PokerStars?

To receive a deposit bonus to your real money games account, you will have to earn a certain number of VPP points. The number of VPP points that will have to be earned, and the maximum bonus amount, depend on the conditions of promotion.

Example. You have made a deposit in amount of $300 and received a 100% first deposit bonus. The bonus amount was also $300. In order to completely clear this bonus and receive it on your account, you will have to earn 20*300 = 6.000 VPP points. The bonus is paid to your real money games account in $10 installments for ever 200 VPP points. If you will make another deposit after that, for example for an amount of $400, you will get another $300 of bonus (as the maximum possible bonus amount is $600) under the same conditions.

You start to earn VPP points after the very first hand when you made a deposit. VPP points earned before the moment of your first deposit will not be counted towards the bonus clearance.

After you will earned the required VPP points amount, the bonus money will be credited to your account. You will also receive an e-mail from PokerStars, confirming the fact of funds transfer to your account. This transaction could also be found in the 'History' section of PokerStars clients Cashier.

Q: What if PokerStars is currently offering one more bonus for deposit? Is it possible to use both bonus offers?

If you make your first deposit, then you can really use both of the bonuses on offer! To do this, you first need to make your first deposit by entering the 100% first deposit bonus code 'STARS600'. After that, when making your next deposit, you will be able to enter the code of other bonus to get it. We recommend you to carefully research all terms and conditions of other bonuses, especially paying attention to the rules of obtaining the second bonus before the expiration of the first one.

After making a deposit you will get an opportunity to participate in a special freerolls. These tournaments can be found in our freeroll schedule on PokerStars.

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