Is it possible to build a bankroll playing freerolls?

Is it possible to build a bankroll playing freerolls?

Hi, everyone! I’ve been playing freerolls in some poker rooms (btw play on PokerStars only freerolls with passwords, cause do not have even a bronzestar level) for 4 months now, but I barely won anything (and only some cashes for $0,11, $0,19 and so on).

My maximum winning was about 1EUR at Jackpot Freeroll on Unibet Poker, but I lost it in a few days.

So, that is the question: is it really possible to build a bankroll playing freerolls? Has anyone ever made good money at them and is now playing tournaments using it?

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Don't know the current situation, but I started with freerolls a couple years ago and made some money. I've been reading the educational articles, watched VODs, so I reached NL50. Now i'm planning to make a shot at NL100. I love this game
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One should try to build starting-up capital with the help of  freerolls. Thus freerolls is a great opportunity to make some real money and improve your skills for free. Still you need to read the educational materials and watch VODs/streams to improve your game. Poker is a game of skill so you should improve your skill level to have an edge over your opponents.

There are thousands of professional poker players who started up with freerolls. Chris Ferguson, for example. He built his bankroll from zero to $10.000. We have made an article about him - Is it really possible to earn money playing freerolls?

If you lose all your freerolls winnings immediately, we recommend you to get as much money as possible at freerolls first, and then, when you understand that you are ready to make a step up, move to the tournaments with minimal buy-ins.

Good luck!
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