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Android online poker sites

Android is an operating system for mobile phones, tablets, TVs, watch and etc., which has been developed by Google Corporation. Right now more than 2 billion people all over the world use mobile devices with this operational system. According to some sources, the number of Android-devices in 2016 exceeded the number of PCs.

The increased popularity of mobile devices with huge screens synchronized with online poker boom. Leading online poker rooms always try to be on the cutting edge of technologies, that’s why they also invest in mobile games’ development. Online poker for Android has been gaining popularity among poker game fans.

PokerStars became pioneer in mobile poker applications for Android development: it launched its mobile poker app for Android in the late 2011 - the beginning of 2012. The successes of the product among players made business rivals (888 poker, Full Tilt, PartyPoker and etc) issue their own free Android poker clients for smartphones and tablets. Those poker rooms, which previously haven’t focused on such clients, now try to launch their own realistic gaming clients within shortest time frames.

It’s worth mentioning that the quality of graphic elements in mobile poker room keeps up with downloadable software versions for PC and sometimes even reaches higher heights. Many users even prefer to play poker on their Android devices, as they consider mobile software versions more comfortable than those for PC or laptop. Many players love playing Texas Hold’em on Android platform, as they can do it anywhere they want: during the barbeque in the forest or on their way home; students can play during their classes, earning a hike to their allowance and etc.

Android poker real money application (apk)

It would be very surprising if the administration of the poker room hadn’t “converted” the gamed, adored by millions of people all over the world, - poker - to the Android format, as it’s one of the most popular mobile platforms. It’s also worth noting that the mobile devices development sector is seen as a highly promising one, according to gambling games developers.

The suppliers are doing their best to improve real money online poker software for mobile devices on Android and iOS systems. Moreover many of them add multi-language versions to the apps. Thus, you’ll be able to download poker for Android in English, Dutch, German, Russian etc. with real opponents.

In order to download Texas Hold’em for Android with the support of English language, you do not need to make any special arrangements: you just need to have a smartphone or tablet and Internet connection. Poker clients for Android are available for everyone absolutely free.

This section of our website contains only the complete, free and official versions of online poker apps. Using the links from this section, you’ll be able to download the full versions of Android apps from PokerStars, 888Poker and other poker rooms in English and several other languages. Downloadable versions of the software give you an opportunity to play Texas Hold'em poker android and Omaha poker on the go. You won't probably find any other game types. As you can see, there're no barriers that would prevent you from downloading poker for Android free and enjoy the game.

Android online poker games - download free applications

Before you actually get down to the download and installation of the new app for online poker game on your Android device, you need to change one option in your mobile device settings. The thing is that Android OS developers have automatically made the installation all non-Google Play apps impossible. Since gaming clients are normally downloaded from poker rooms’ official web sites, their installation will be considered as “unknown” and will be forbidden. So if you want to continue the installation, you need to go to your mobile/tablet settings, section Safety and Security and then activate “Allow install from unknown sources”.

Android - Allow install from unknown sources. Only then you can actually download mobile poker for Android.

How to download and install online poker app for Android on your telephone or tablet?

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, the best way is to download poker client for Android from the official web site of each poker room. We do not recommend you to download Android apps from torrents or non-official web site of the poker rooms for reasons of safety: such files can contain viruses and trojans. Normally, links to real money Android apps’ downloads are located in special sections on the official web site of poker rooms. Moreover, you can do this with your mobile/tablet (in this case the installation file will be downloaded and installed immediately) or with your PC (you should first download the installation file and then drop it onto your telephone/tablet with the help of a cable). The installation won’t take you more than a minute. You won’t need to do anything: everything will be done automatically.

Mobile poker for Android

It should be noted that mobile poker for Android differs from the conventional downloadable poker not only with smaller buttons, smaller cards, chips and other graphic elements, but with its functional part as well. A number of poker rooms exclude certain games from mobile Android versions; however, there always will Hold’em poker among them. Only some formats can miss: for example, freerolls or Sit-n-Go tourneys.

Mobile poker for Android is an excellent solution for a free access to real money cash-games, tourneys and freerolls. By the way, if speaking about freerolls: many new players place such questions on forums “can I play freerolls on my Android?” The answer is tricky, as not all poker rooms make freerolls for Android available for users. PokerStars, 888 poker, MobilePokerClub, partly PartyPoker and some other poker room offer such an opportunity.

Real money Android poker - answers to questions

You’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions: how to download online poker for Android; how to play Android poker; some peculiarities about Texas poker game - the most popular poker type - on such devices?

Where can I download Texas poker on Android for real money?

All the poker sites, that offer real money games, offer Texas Hold'em, cause this game type is the 'Cadillac of poker'. So you can check any poker room presented in this section of our web site, download apk file, register an account and start playing Texas Poker on your Android device for real money.

What are my opponents in Texas Hold’em on Android?

Poker for Android gaming clients is chosen by the same real people, who play poker with apps for PCs and laptops (in ‘stationary’ versions of gaming clients). That’s why you’ll play against ordinary real people, as you would probably do when playing on a stationary client version (desktop).

What poker rooms offer poker for Android?

You can play online poker with the help of free Android apps by PokerStars, full Tilt Poker, 888 Poker, Party Poker, PokerDOM, Unibet Poker, Mobile Poker Club and some others. By the way, some of them also offer Android poker no deposit bonuses.

How much Internet traffic is necessary for android poker?

Normally, if you have already downloaded the app for online poker game on your telephone or Android tablet, then you probably have an intention to play poker even there, where there’s no Wi-Fi. That’s why it’s natural for you to worry about the issue about how much traffic you need to play poker on your mobile device. All in all there’s nothing to worry about, as you’ll spend about 5 Mega bytes per hour. It’s relatively small in number.

Can I play several tables on my mobile version?

Android applications in most of poker rooms allows up to 4 tables (except in rare circumstances) to be played simultaneously. It’s quite a lot if taking a mobile telephone or a tablet.

Can I download free poker for Android?

Yes, everyone can download free app for poker game. All apps also support game for chips. And you can also claim 888 Poker $88 no deposit sign up bonus with the help of your Android device. Do not loose your chance to play online poker for Android free against real opponents for real money.

What is the best Android-based poker room?

The most popular Android-based poker room is PokerStars. Many users rightly consider it to be the best one. The mobile client of this poker room has a vast range of games available along with useful functions + quality graphic design. PokerStars software for mobile poker works equally well on Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei telephones as well as iPhones.

Do old telephones support Android app for poker?

Right now almost every poker room within online poker market has its own Android app. You can use your telephone or Android tablet to use it. The peculiarity of Android software lies in the fact that its older version cannot always be updated to new versions. Thus, there’re still many users all over the world, who use obsolete Android versions 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 4.0.3, 5.0 and etc. However, Android poker client will still be compatible with these versions.