MacOS poker rooms

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MacOS poker rooms

This section of our website contains information about poker rooms which provide a chance to play with MacOS operational system (i.e. that has MacOS optimized software).

Though MacOS was launched far back in 1984, it hasn’t become very popular among poker software developers. In the infancy of online poker all new market players chose Windows for their software platforms. These were plain downloadable versions, which now can be found in section 'Download poker'. When Mac OS X was introduced (now macOS) the situation changed a little bit and more and more poker rooms started launching specialized poker clients for this very operational system. Some developed a downloadable MacOS poker version of their software from the very start, the others chose an easier way, however, and offered Apple users to play with browser versions of their clients (see instant play poker section), which equally fine suitable for Windows, OSX and even Linux.

The first version of Mac OS X poker software appeared in 2006. It was launched by a once-popular poker room - Full Tilt. Next the players’ traffic leader of that time joined - PartyPoker.

The choice of the online poker room with macOS client support still stays a tricky question. There aren’t many of them with downloadable versions of such software. Of course poker rooms with 100% compatibility will be the best choice as browser (instant play) versions still lack in some of the services and cannot allow additional software (HUDs, scripts etc). Only PokerStars, 888 Poker and some other poker rooms can be proud of being 100% compatible with Mac OS. At the same time other poker rooms do not bother and offer their clients to use browser versions for Mac OS without any download.

List of poker rooms for Mac OS and Linux

This section of our website contains information about all reliable poker rooms which support Mac Os X and macOS real money poker software. If you cannot find the corresponding poker room on the list it probably means that you’ll have to install Windows emulator to play poker from your MacBook.