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Please, note: this offer is not available for UK customers. Residents of this country can have a look at UK no deposit poker sites.

Betsafe Poker is an online poker operator, that is a part of MPN poker network, which opened its doors in 2006. Betsafe Poker is very popular both among new players as well as experienced gamblers, because it regularly holds lucrative promotions and issues generous bonuses. Since both professional players and beginners love benefiting from bonus offers, so as you see, Betsafe satisfies the needs of all its customers.

One of the interesting Betsafe Poker offers for newly registered players is the promotion called «10 Day 10 Achievement Challenge». It enables new players to get different rewards - cash, tickets to tourneys and no deposit casino bonuses. To some extent this promotion can be considered a replacement in kind for no deposit poker bonuses because it doesn’t require any deposits to participate in it. However, if you wish to get all the rewards, you need to manage your bankroll wisely, which is a tricky task for a beginner. Thus, this promotion cannot be treated as free lunch (freebie) in any case.

Apart from free money for poker game, «10 Day 10 Achievement Challenge» promotion will help you to learn the basics of bankroll management and also get some experience in the game against real rivals for real money. This no deposit offer will not be the best option if you wish to learn the rules of poker or train your knowledge of poker hand rankings “in combat conditions”. If you wish to get rewards, you’ll need some experience under the belt.

10-day 10 achievement challenge - general information

So, as you already understood from the title of the promotion, it consists of 10 steps. They have to be completed within 10 days and the countdown starts immediately after you register an account with Betsafe. These challenges are not that easy, but completely adequate, so anyone really striving and honing his poker skills will manage to complete them. The total maximum bonus that can be given to each participant is:

  • Free tournament tickets worth €4.40
  • Free poker cash worth €12
  • 30 no deposit casino free spins

After the 10-day challenge is over, all the unfulfilled challenges will be removed from your account. Thus, the more tasks you’ll manage to complete, the more bonuses you’ll get. Next, we’ll give detailed information about these challenges, which you’ll need to complete in order to get the rewards.

No deposit challenges for new poker players by Betsafe

The list of challenges for new poker players at Betsafe Poker

If you’ve made up your mind to take part in «10 Day 10 Achievement Challenge», remember, that you first need to register at Betsafe Poker and download poker client to your computer. Next you need to enter your account (“My bonuses”) and have a look at the challenges available. You'd better start completing the tasks as soon as possible, as it’s quite complicated to manage them all.

Challenge 1.

The first task for those, who don’t wish to make deposits, but want to get rewards by their own efforts, will definitely need to complete the following: you need to reach ITM in any freeroll. The thing is that you need a certain bankroll to complete other tasks. And first you’ll need to win it.

In order to complete the following task, you’ll need to play in one of different freerolls, which are held once in several hours and enter the prize zone. It doesn’t really matter how much you’ll win, because the task will be considered completed anyways. After you complete this task, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins for Rabbit in the Hat video slot.

We should notice first, that Betsafe Poker regularly holds freerolls with guaranteed prize pools of euro;30.000 in total. In most cases, all the clients have access to them (even those, who haven’t yet made any deposits). This means that anyone can play for real money regularly, provided he has enough experience, patience and skill. In other words, with your head screwed on right, you’ll be able to raise your initial bankroll even in freerolls. Moreover, all the new players have a chance to take part in a freeroll with a €1,000 prize pool, which is held weekly on Wednesdays on 18:00 UTC. As practice shows, there are only several hundreds of players taking part in this even. And another important fact: you’re allowed to take part in such free tournaments within 6 weeks after registration.

Moreover, each Saturday Betsafe Poker holds a freeroll called €1,000 Saturday Freeroll. In order to take part in it you’ll need to play at least 25 raked hands at real money cash tables 24 hours before the tourney starts. Each Sunday “Sunday €3,000 Freeroll» is held, which is available for selected players only - only those, who will manage to play 100 raked hands at real money cash tables within a week before the tourney. Generally speaking, there’re plenty of opportunities and room to build up your own bankroll and complete challenge #1.

But let’s get back to the tasks. As soon as you win 10 free spins, move on to Rabbit in the Hat video slot (please note, that they can be also issued for any other video slot) and start the game. All in all, an average win from 10 free spins will be at around €1, however, even €0.01 will be enough. As soon as you get at least that much, proceed to the next challenge.

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Challenge 2.

Logic suggests that this should be your next task: you need to play 10 Sit&Go real money tourneys. You might think, that 10 is too much, but Betsafe Poker offers quite interesting Sit&Go tourneys with only €0,01 buy-in. So, you’ll only need 10 cents to complete the task.

In order to start completing it, you’ll have to proceed to Sit & Go - Holdem - All and choose The Phoenix (Flip) tourneys. After you participate in 10 tourneys, you’ll complete the challenge and get the ticket to MTT tourney worth €3,30.

Challenge 3.

After you get a ticket to multi-table tourney, you’ll need to complete the challenge connected to it. So, you’ll need to take part in MTT with real money buy-in. First, choose the tournament, available for this ticket, register and play. No matter, whether you reach ITM or not, you’ll get another prize - a ticket to multi-table tournament worth €1,10. It should be mentioned, that you’ll need some money to complete further tasks, so you’d better try to win some money in these tourneys.

Challenges 4,5,6 and 7 do not require any specific sequence, so you can complete them in any order you like.

Challenge 4.

Starting from challenge 4, you’ll be taken to cash tables instead of tourneys. In order to complete another challenge, you’ll need to play 25 hands at Omaha Hi tables + 25 hands at Omaha Hi Low tables. As soon as you’re ready. You’ll be immediately credited a reward of €2 cash.

Challenge 5.

To complete this task you have to be lucky a bit, but not skillful, cause you have to win a hand at Hold'em cash tables with 7-2 off-suited. After that, you will receive 10 free spins on Lucky Koi.

Challenge 6.

Once you get down to completing this task, take a deep breath and feel proud of yourself - you’re more than halfway through this. Now you need to play 25 hands at Blaze Poker tables. Apart from certain wins, this game may offer, you’ll get another €2 to your account.

Challenge 7.

Those users, who prefer playing poker on their computers, will not be happy with the next task, but rules are the same for everyone. You need to play 25 hands at any cash-table on your mobile phone. You may play poker on Android or on iOS. After this task is completed you’ll get another €2 on your account.

Challenge 8.

The last 3 tasks will take you much time to complete. However, if you’ve managed to accomplish previous quests quite quickly, you will manage to complete them. You’ll need to get two flushes of hearts at cash tables on limits from NL10 or higher. An important condition will be making combinations with both pocket cards. After completing the task, you’ll get €2 on your account.

Challenge 9.

This is the penultimate task, but frankly speaking, it’s almost the easiest one, but it may take from several hours to several days to complete it. After you get pocket aces 5 times when playing Texas Hold’em, you’ll get €2 cash plus 10 free spins for Loose Cannon.

Please note, that this task can be completed earlier, if you’ve already had Aces during other challenges.

Challenge 10.

And the last task from the list: you need to hit a set with pocket deuces at cash-tables. This challenge will also reward you with €2. Thus, you'll get some experience as a real poker player and also get a sufficient bankroll for further game.

So, this is the end. Don’t forget, that within next 10 days all unfulfilled tasks will be cancelled from your account. Good luck!

Betsafe Poker

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