Where can I find Doug Polk graph?

Where can I find Doug Polk graph?
Hello! I have read your several articles about challenge by Doug Polk on microstakes and I see he barely wins there, but it is mentioned that he is the best No-Limit Heads Up player in the world. So I have a logical question: where can I find Doug Polk graph?

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Yeah, Douglas Polk is rally considered to be the best HUNL player, but at micros play a lot of sharks, who know GTO in poker :D

What concerns his graph - you can find them on HighStakesDB. He plays on PokerStars under nickname = WCG|Rider (graph is below):

And he used to play on Full Tilt under WCGRider nickname, but stats there are hidden. The same is in tournaments (hidden stats). So atm only 1 graph is at free access
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