X-mas gifts at Unibet

X-mas gifts at Unibet

Play at Unibet Poker whole December long and win money presents and other pleasant prizes and gifts.

There’re 3 steps available each with its own prizes.

In order to get access to exclusive avatars you have to take part in 5 S’nG’ tourneys. Once you’ve participated in 5 MTT-tournaments with buy-ins starting from €1 you get a ticket to a freeroll with a guaranteed prize pool of €3,000 that will be held on January, 3.

And of course New Year/Christmas celebrations cannot go without money rewards. Reach a certain number of flops at your limit level and win money. For example, you’ll receive €15 for playing 350 at flops Hol’em at NL50 level.

Hold’em and Omaha Cash Games Rewards

Game Flops reached Cash Reward






NL50 350 €15.00
NL100 350 €25.00
NL200 350 €40.00


350 €60.00

Banzai Cash Games Rewards

Game Flops Reached Cash Reward
Banzai 1


Banzai 5 150 €1.00

Banzai 20



Each player can unlock max 3 exclusive avatars, get up to 3 tickets to €3,000 Freeroll and also receive max 3 money prizes.

The special offer period lasts until December 31.

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