Win an around-the-world trip at Unibet

Win an around-the-world trip at Unibet

The around-the-world trip of Phileas Fogg and Passepartout took them 80 days. Now you have a chance to make a round-the-globe travel in 28 days. Furthermore it’s totally free - Unibet will pay for it. In honor of a new poker client launch. Brand new poker software client will be available in all markets on December 1, 2016. In celebration of the launch of the new poker client administration of online poker room Unibet Poker is announcing a special offer with a 28-days trip and 7 wonders of the world visiting as a main prize. Moreover, more than 1000 will get another but not less interesting prizes.

How to participate in a special offer?

To take part in a giveaway, one has to win one or few tickets by meeting the requirements of the special offer. On January 7 at 16:00 CET, the giveaway will be held in a live broadcast on the official Unibet Twitch channel. The event will be hosted by David Vanderheyden, who will draw extra prizes among the spectators. In the end one player will receive a round-the-world trip, 33 more players will be granted with different interesting trips as well, and 1,000 participants will get prizes.

From December 1 to 31, 2016, you will be able to get a ticket to the giveaway via playing at the Unibet poker real money cash tables. The tickets will be assigned randomly. Thus, tables will be randomly chosen and the players on the dealer position at these tables will be granted with the desirable tickets. I.e., the giveaway of the tickets will begin suddenly and the ones on the button at this very moment will win a raffle ticket. The rest of the players at the winning table will get tickets to Unibet Open from €2 to €10.

The tickets are divided into 3 categories: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

How can one win a ticket?

To get a Bronze ticket one has to be playing at NL/PL4 real money cash tables or higher. 30 Bronze tickets will be awarded daily. The rest of the players at the table were the ticket was won will have a chance to participate in Unibet Open with €2 buy-in.

To become a Silver ticket owner, play at the NL/PL10 real money cash tables or higher. Every day 10 tickets will be randomly assigned, other players at the selected table will get €10 tickets to Unibet Open.

To obtain a Golden ticket, you need to play at the NL/PL25 real money cash tables or higher. Every day you will be enabled to win one ticket out of 5, and every player at the winning table will be given a €10 ticket to Unibet Open.

To check the quantity of the already awarded tickets click a special icon at Unibet Poker client.


One of the Gold ticket holders will get a round-the-world 28 days trip with an opportunity to visit 7 wonders of the world. 33 another Golden ticket holders will also win trips and will be able to change it for high stakes tickets to participate in cash games.

You can see the full list of the prizes for Gold ticket owners:

Prize Number of prizes Flight expenses Spending money
Around the world 1 Included €2,500
Great Barrier Reef 1 €2,000 €500
South African safari 1 €2,000 €500
Malaysian rainforest 1 €2,000 €500
Angkor Wat 1 €2,000 €500
Jaguar tracking in Brazil 1 €2,000 €500
Amazonian treehouse 1 €2,000 €500
Bolivian cycling 1 €2,000 €500
Moroccan spa 1 €1,000 €500
Deer stalking in Scotland 1 €750 €500
Northern Lights in Iceland 1 €750 €500
Luxury in London 1 €750 €500
Croatian lake 1 €750 €500
Blue Lagoon in Iceland 1 €750 €500
Haunted castle in Denmark 1 €750 €500
Tour of Rome 1 €750 €500
Slovenian lake 1 €750 €500
Tour of Berlin 1 €750 €500
Horse riding in Spain 1 €750 €500
Sailing in Barcelona 1 €750 €500
Dining in San Sebastian 1 €750 €500
Guinness tour in Dublin 1 €750 €500
Golf in Ireland 1 €750 €500
Climbing in France 1 €750 €500
Unibet Open package 6 Included N/A
NL400 ticket 10 N/A N/A
NL200 ticket 50 N/A N/A
NL100 ticket 55 N/A N/A

Two players with Silver ticket will also set off for an unforgettable trip. Another participants with silver tickets will join a giveaway: tickets to cash games, laptops, trip around Great Britain and so on.

Two Silver winners will also travel to fascinating places with the rest getting tickets to cash tables.

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