Private €25 Freerolls at Unibet Poker

Private €25 Freerolls at Unibet Poker

During the course of 4 following weeks 4 private freeroll €25 each will be held at Unibet Poker for players of our website. Traditionally, these freerolls can be characterized with a small number of participants.

Private freerolls at Unibet Poker are called PokerGlobal & Pokerist Freeroll. These are no-limit hold'em freerolls. Only those users who have previously created an account at Unibet Poker website with the help of our website are allowed to take part. All PokerGlobal & Pokerist Freeroll are passworded freerolls. You can find passwords to these freerolls in Passwords to freerolls section. They will be posted 3 days before freerolls start.

Freerolls will be held on Sundays: July 17, 24,31 and also August 7 2016.

PokerGlobal & Pokerist Freeroll can be found at Unibet Poker lobby on Tournament tab:

Private €25 Freerolls at Unibet Poker

In case you still do not have an account at this poker room, we strongly recommend you to create one with the help of our website in order to get access to these freerolls.

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You can find it on the page freeroll passwords
Ah so you can only get if you signed up via here.. was wondering why I couldn't join even with passwords.. shame.
Answer #2
Yeah, mate 
Answer #3
hi all
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