Bounty Badland League at Unibet

Bounty Badland League at Unibet

All poker players enjoy knocking their opponents out of the game, since they get their chips and moreover, get one step closer to prize zone. In order to double the pleasure, Unibet poker room has decided to hold a MTT-league available for bounty-tournaments' players only. The League is called Bounty Badlands and will cover a period from March 1st until March 31st.

The prize pool of the league will comprise €5,000. Top-100 players of the league will share leaderboard prize pool. In order to get to the leaderboard, you need to earn points for knocking out your opponents from any regular tournament which contains the word "bounty" in its name. For each player knocked out you'll be getting a certain number of points which depends on the buy-in of the tournament:

Buy-in Points per bounty
€1 0.5
€2 1
€4 2
€10 3
€25 5

20 your best results for the whole time of the offer will be recorded in the leaders chart. Next, 100 best players will be decided to share the total prize pool of the Bounty Badland League - €5,000.

Rank Reward
1 €750
2 €500
3 €350
4 €250
5 €150
6-10 €100
11-20 €75
21-30 €50
31-50 €25
51-100 €15

The prizes will be credited to players’ accounts in 3 days.

Keep in mind: only those tournaments that contain the word “bounty” in their name are considered within the special offer. For example, you won’t get any points for knocking out opponents in Charlotte van Brabander and Squid Spectacular tournaments. 

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