300-million hand celebrations at Unibet Poker

300-million hand celebrations at Unibet Poker

Poker room Unibet Poker is waxing in size and strength. And the 300-million hand celebration at poker tables just proves that. The administration of the Unibet has decided to organize a true feast for its clients by providing a substantial budget for Milestone hands, freerolls and simply by introducing additional prizes.

Starting from 300-million hand Unibet will literally give prizes for each 100.000 hand. These hands will be called Milestone Hands. There’ll be 151 hands of this kind played in total. The prize distribution will be over as soon as 315-million hand is dealt.

How to take part in Unibet prize drawing?

Everyone is welcome to take part in the celebrations of such important event in the history of the poker room. You simply need to complete certain requirements in order to do this:

Milestone Hands will be dealt at Unibet cash tables (including Banzai tables). Each player at the table with 100 000-hand being dealt (Milestone Hand) will automatically get prizes and the hand winner will get an extra prize.

The prize size of each player will be defined by the size of his stack and by the number of flops he has seen for the past 60 min: the more flops you see, the bigger your prize will be.

Besides money prizes, each player who is lucky to be in Milestone Hand prize drawing is automatically getting a ticket to €10,000 freeroll, which will take place on April 9 at 17:00 CET.

You may see the current hand dealt in Unibet Poker lobby:

Hands counter at Unibet Poker lobby

What can you actually win

As part of the 300-million hand festivities at Unibet Poker, the administration issued prizes specially for those, who have been lucky enough to sit at the Milestone hand table: ordinary prizes for all players at the table + extra ones for hand winners.

You may see exemplary prizes below:

Hand Prize for the winner Prizes for the rest players
305,500,000 800 200
305,600,000 250 100
306,000,000 1,500 400
306,100,000 250 100
306,200,000 250 100
306,300,000 250 100
306,400,000 250 100
306,500,000 800 200
306,600,000 250 100
306,700,000 250 100
306,800,000 250 100
306,900,000 250 100
307,000,000 3,000 750
307,100,000 400 150
307,200,000 400 150
307,300,000 400 150
307,400,000 400 150
307,500,000 12,000 2,500

To see the full prize structure visit Unibet Poker website.

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