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Wrong time zone?

19.10.2015 20:18:31  | comments (0) | LeoGiga
Wrong time zone?

the time zone appear for me is wrong, i want know how i can fix that. All my watchs is ok, in my bius and im my control painel. I´m from Brazil and here is UTC - 3, but we have a special summet time here, for example, when is 10:00am will be 11:00am. How can i change this time zone?
Answers (1)
xXx admin 20.10.2015 09:16:41
Information about timezone for everey country is stored in operation system (OS) files. Some countries changes its timezone sometimes and OS-developer makes OS files fix or update witch contains valid timezone info. So you should first - find and download last OS-update with timezone info and install it on your PC. Second - verify your PC timezone in OS-settings - it shoud be valid for your country. And the last thing - specify valid time.

For windows 7 you can find here
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