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Who wins if everyone has two pair?

11.08.2016 09:31:52  | comments (1) | lobbyj
Who wins if everyone has two pair?
The question is pretty simple for you, guys, I think. By the end of the hand when all cards on the board are dealt we reveal our hand and see, that both, my opponent and me, have two pair. Who wins the pot?
Answers (2)
xXx pokeristby 11.08.2016 11:45:26
In such cases you need to check who's two pair combination is bigger. The one wins, who has the highest cards in rank, that form the poker hands. This is poker basics. Recommend you to read these articles: 
Poker Hand Rankings and Questions about the rules of poker from beginners

Good luck!
Answer #1
xXx David3763 12.08.2016 18:30:18
The Highest 2 Pair. If more than 1 person has same 2 pair then the player with the Highest Kicker Wins..

Answer #2
xXx pokeristby 13.08.2016 06:09:51
Right, but seems here were 2 different pair hands
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