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Are freerolls a good way to get start up cash?

21.07.2015 10:12:45  | comments (2) | dagunman
Are freerolls a good way to get start up cash?

Hello everybody! Well, i've been playing freerolls for almost 4 months already (both regular and freerolls with passwords on PokerStars) but haven't yet won anything (prizes only worth $0,11, $0,19 and etc).

Once i happened to win a dollar (which was the maximum) in a bankrollmob but as a result i lost all the winnings within the next few days.

Therefore I have a question to ask: is it somehow possible to do well playing freerolls? Has anyone earned any decent amounts on freerolls and started playing tournaments with real money buy-ins on a regular basis?

Answers (4)
xXx pokeristby 24.07.2015 10:11:27
You absolutely can and should be doing well if playing freerolls not least because it’s both a splendid opportunity to win some money and practice your poker skills. But apart from that you’d better read some strategy articles and watch VODs. 

Many professional poker players have made a fortune thanks to freerolls. Take Cris Ferguson for example: he managed to earn $10.000 from scratch. 

If you play away your winnings at once here’s an advice for you: try winning as many prizes in freerolls as possible. Only after making sure you’re ready for the next step - start playing tournamnets with minimum buy-in fees.
Good luck!
Answer #1
xXx olariu88 01.01.2016 14:11:18
how can i find password freerolls poker?
Answer #2
xXx pokeristby 03.01.2016 06:10:34
They will appear at our schedule. But the period from January 1 till January 4 they will be absent (because they have not been created)
xXx oiram222 23.01.2016 09:36:25
do you have pass for twicht scholl tournament at jan 24. 1h05..please..
Answer #3
xXx pokeristby 24.01.2016 07:37:26
It was published here http://pokerglobal.info/freerolls/passwords-for-freerolls/
xXx oiram222 23.01.2016 09:37:44
its not on at schedule but i see that already have players sign in for tournament
Answer #4
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