Three of the most common poker mistakes

Three of the most common poker mistakes

The many different forms of poker have been a major part of gaming for generations, but despite this established nature, there are still plenty of mistakes which cause players avoidable losses. From newer players to established professionals, everybody makes mistakes, it’s a simply inevitable part of the game. While we can all try to learn from these mistakes, it can be a better idea to get ahead of our shortcomings, to learn from the most common problems, and use this to better our chances of success in the future.

Lack of Experience

The most common downfall of many players, as many have found when witnessing a fish join a school of sharks. Experience and a few hours spent in the game is for far more than a betting understanding the basics of odds, it allows players to become increasingly familiar with their selected form of poker until it is second nature. It is this familiarity, this confidence, which is hugely obvious to experienced players and can easily be the deciding factor in whether an individual is targeted.

Luckily we live in an age where the internet has made gaining experience in whatever poker game you choose easy in the extreme, with many services offering games like live casino hold em for players to gain their feet. Many of these can be played both on desktop and mobile devices as well, meaning getting in practise is easier than ever before.

Defending the blinds

Defending the blinds

We all know that blinds are necessary in order to get the pot flowing, but many players suffer from a protective compulsion when it comes to their own contributions. Sometimes this is due to overconfidence in their own abilities, and other times it is the result of frustration over another player who seems to be blind chasing, but the result is the same. Being overly defensive of blinds is common, it is predictable, and it is to be avoided.

Inflexibility of strategy

Another thing many experienced players have come across or engaged in at some time or another is the tendency of some players to stick to one singular strategy. Sometimes this is due to it paying off well in previous games, and other times it is through simple inexperience, but the outcome is the same - a far lowered chance to win. Poker is a game of competing strategies after all, not one all-encompassing strategy to beat them all. Flexibility and playing your opponent is one of the biggest parts of the game, so those who ignore this are doing an enormous disservice to their own play.

It might not be easy to come up with multiple strategies to counter your opponent, but that is what high-level play is all about, so it should not be ignored.

Learn your own style

While these three tips will set you down the path to a more successful poker career, it should be noted that everybody has their own style which works for them. Simply emulating others is not a recipe for success in such a competitive game, and because of this, the game is one of individuality over everything else. Be flexible, be patient, and get in as much experience as you can, and your chances of making major waves in your future games should see considerable improvement.

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