PokerDOM has cut tournament rake (from 9 April until the end of 2017)

PokerDOM has cut tournament rake (from 9 April until the end of 2017)

The management of a quite popular poker network among players from Russia, - PokerDom - headed by the same-name poker room, has set a pretty significant goal& for 2017 - to create a huge international poker network - and they do their best to reach the intended objective. At the moment poker network PokerDom consists of PokerDOM, PokerMatch and RuPoker.

“International expansion is a profitable and beneficial event for existing players of PokerDom: more amateur players to come, more tournaments with big prize pools, new jackpots, cool promotions and reward programs, hence - more winnings!”- PokerDom representatives have claimed in the beginning of the year.

The poker room and poker network has already made a few steps towards the aim:

  • Starting from January 15 the rake in Sit-n-Go tournaments was brought into compliance with the industry standards;
  • From February 19, all PokerDom tournament buy-ins (MTT, S'N'G and Windfall) were converted into USD. Before that date tournaments were available in Russian Rubles only. At this stage cash-game still continue in RUB, but gradually USD-tables will step forward. As expected, international players find it easier to use USD as the gaming currency, and Russian players already know playing in USD inside out.
  • The rules of charging commissions on withdrawals were changed: each player has 3 free withdrawals per month. In case a player makes withdrawals more frequently, he will have to pay a commission of a payment system (except for QIWI withdrawals).
  • A limit on a one-time bank card withdrawal was increased from $200 to $1,500

More to come! It has been revealed lately, that starting April 9 and till the end of 2017 PokerDom is cutting down the rake in all MTT-tournaments. That means, that it makes not 10%, as it used to be, but only 5% since the moment. The administration team of the poker room hopes that this step will make a positive impact to MTT popularity growth at PokerDom, and will significantly increase customer loyalty.

As follows, from now on the rake at MTT-tournaments at PokerDom makes 5%.

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