Chat at online poker table - rules of communication and abbreviations for new players

Chat at online poker table - rules of communication and abbreviations for new players

For many of us online poker represents a hobby only or a pleasant pastime. It’s really enjoyable to spend an evening at home in front of the monitor (or with you tablet/smartphone) in a cozy armchair playing your favorite card game. The final flourish for many players is poker room's chat, which enables you to communicate with opponents, share interesting moments of your life and sometimes even tell your rival everything you have on him after tough flak.

This article will teach you generally accepted rules and regulations for poker chat and also show abbreviations for comfortable communication.

Chat options in all poker rooms are very much alike: you can open the dialogue window, which shows messages from players, dealers and moderators. Messages from the dealer are concerned with everything that goes on at the poker table: nickname of the player who won the bank, his card combination, size of the pot and etc.

Online poker chat example

Usually chat is a place for players, who play one-two tables, to communicate. And it's quite logical: when playing at many tables at once, the last thing that a player may want to do is to chat.

If you see that your opponents are chatting intensively, this probably means that they are amateurs.

Normally poker rooms allow chat in English, which is considered to be international. Therefore, if you use any other language, the moderator may admonish you. However, the reality is that you won’t be punished for several phrases in your native language. But do not forget that chat is a place to behave politely as you may be deprived of the privilege to use chat for insults and strong language. Don’t think that the huge number of players in the poker room will affect how moderators control everyone. In fact, each chat is checked by moderators and each player has a right to complain about the opponents. So we strongly advise you to behave correctly and preferably politely

Messages in the chat can tell you many things about player's type and his game level. If the opponent often complains about flacks or starts using insults after the unsuccessful hand, you can be assured that he's probably an amateur or is in tilt. You can always switch off the chat or messages from particular players if you find them unpleasant.

Abbreviations for online poker table chat

Now it's time to get down to the generally accepted abbreviations in chat, which are used during the poker game to maintain simple and comfortable communication. Mainly these are phrases, which express standard emotions in case of the victory or failure, surprise, anger and etc.

afaik as far as i know
bbl be back later
bbs be back soon
brb be right back
bs bull shit
btw by the way
сya see you around
DUCY (do u see why?) ты понял почему?
FFS For fcking sake
g1 good one
gg good game
gh good hand
gla good luck all
gl good luck
gtg got to go
gp good play
imho in my humble opinion
imo in my opinion
lmao laughing my ass off
lol laughing out loud
m8 mate
n1 nice one
nc nice catch
np no problem!
OMG Oh My God!
rotflmao rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
sry sorry
str8 straight
ty, thx, tx, th thank you
tyvm thank you very much
ul unlucky
vnh very nice hand
vn1 very nice one
yw you re welcome
wd well done
wp well played
wtf what the fck?
wtg way to go
zzzz I fell asleep, can you play quickly? - an indicator that someone needs too much time for every decision

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