Rules of the chat

Rules of the chat

Chat is available for registered users only

1. The applicability of chat rules

1.1. All users without exception enter into voluntary commitments to comply strictly with the following requirements after entering the chat.

1.2. Ignorance of the chat rules is no excuse for their violation, so we strongly recommend you to study them thoroughly.

2. Chat rules allow to:

  • 2.1. Discuss topics relating to poker game and exchange useful information/news/official promotion offers
  • 2.2. Discuss peculiarities and special features of the poker room operation
  • 2.3. Publish passwords to freerolls
  • 2.4. Promote ideas to improve web site/chat operation

3. Chat rules forbid to:

  • 3.1. Advertise (explicitly or implicitly) other web sites, commercial/noncommercial products and/or services.
  • 3.2. Offend or abuse other users (including: threats, harassment of discussants, showing disrespect for other web site users and etc.)
  • 3.3. Use vulgar language
  • 3.4. Discuss topics, which might invite aggression or argues among players/ chat users; advocate violence, racial abuse and etc.
  • 3.5. Beg for donations or borrow money
  • 3.6. Flood (publish repetitive, nonsense, identical and etc. messages)
  • 3.7. Discuss work of moderators

In addition, all users without exception cannot have more than one account on the web site. In case someone is caught with two or more accounts, the casino administration has the right to freeze all the duplicating accounts.

In case of violation of the rules, the casino administration has the full right to impose such measures as temporary or permanent forfeiture of chat privileges).

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Answer #1
Can u remove my block... so i can write... i didnt know...
Answer #2
SARIC,  u did again,now i ban u...check for another room to begg for Money...bye
Answer #3
please,can you tell me why i am blocked?
my comments have been deleted and i didnt get the answer!
maybe i made mistake for which i dont know,and i cant write over a twoo years!!! pls tell me why?
Answer #4
jasonpepper banned me for discussing a stake. at the same time of banning me he himself broke the chat rules by using vulgar and abusive language toward me. funny double standard right
Answer #5
Buen día alguien sabe la contraseña para el freeroll Superjob 500 id 2167368271
Answer #6
i cant chat a red message pops up
Answer #7

Answer #8
Pleas paswort casinoorg wensday
Answer #9
Answer #10
danneggiasta and jassonpapper = idiots fish
Answer #11
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